Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ways to Cook and Eat a Lover (a re-post)

Note: This is a re-post from my dormant Wordpress account ( I hereby own all the rights to repost, edit, or delete this content, as the original author, if wished.

The end.

No one's an amateur or an expert in relationships. It is not uniform and will give you thousands of reasons to cry and laugh. The probability of experiencing the same still lies on your decisions. While I'm no love guru, this poem is created out of random thinking. Fortunately, I find my randomness similar to the universal love story of falling and breaking and rationalizing. So, here it goes.

Let your meat rest in boiling water
for half an age until tender.
Having it a minute before or seconds later
would do not good
for it’ll hurt the gums
and erode the taste.

Chili Sweet ingredients,
they make your recipe attractive.
Like red and green bell pepper, combined
crunch and spice reside
for a cardiac gourmet.

The scent of red and the juice of green
united in peppery palate: perfect.
Spoon or fork or bare hands
will do for a lover’s mouth.
The tongue will do the talking
and the rest of the senses judge.

And there’s no other way to eat them
but a smile while chewing
for easy digestion.

The start.


  1. reminds me of that poem I think written by Stephen Dobyns. Comical yet sensual! ;)

  2. more like.. Corazon Almerino..I suddenly thought about her after creating this poem.. hmmmm remember that poem when she wrote about how wives should treat their husbands? hehehe..

    I better not be sued for copyright infringement. I honestly did not copy her concept. I swear! hahah